About Emma's Tea Spot

Here at Emma's Tea Spot, we believe that we can make our community stronger by reconnecting people to their environment and their neighbors — by providing a venue that is committed to using authentic British products, local vendors and farms and seasonal or organic produce.

We provide classes and events to showcase our mission and show people how to live sustainably and conscientiously while maintaining clean living practices. We use seasonal ingredients and homesteading practices to keep down costs and increase wellness.

Emma and Ben Canoles

About Emma & Ben Canoles

From a young age, Emma has loved cooking and gardening, foraging and plant nomenclature. Coming from a long line of cooks, herbalists and gardeners she has travelled extensively, learning local recipes and street food combinations wherever she goes.

After managing a pub-style farm-to-table restaurant in London and becoming a Master Gardener and Holistic Practitioner, Emma moved stateside and developed and directed a local, organic, vegetarian and nut-free school lunch program in a Fells Point private school. For 9 years, she grew plants to supplement a locally-sourced midday meal for children called The Garden Tuck Shop Program, homegrown and hand-cooked from scratch daily for 100 students. The curriculum included a wide range of cooking and gardening classes like juicing, essential oil uses, herbal crafts and remedies, composting, worm bins, and chicken and bee keeping.

Benjamin is a Master Slateworker, coppersmith and musician. He and Emma both have a love for traditional values and are family- and service-oriented.  

Emma and Benjamin's dream is to reach a wider audience with the same ethics, reintroducing people to their vital and symbiotic relationship to their environment. Good, clean living practices increase empathy and compassion for our own neighbors and forges deeper and more responsible and meaningful relationships with one another, thereby increasing the integrity in our own lives. 

Through living and serving you this way, we hope to nurture our community and bring some British hospitality to the charm of Baltimore City.

We are committed to Hamilton and Baltimore and hope we can complement the local initiatives by providing clean and sustainable business practices alongside authentic British goods to elevate the soup, salad and sandwich dining experience. We also aim to assist those with a similar interest around the city.

Come have a Proper British Experience with us.

We will pop the kettle on.

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